GlobalSubDive was born from the recognition that there is a void in comprehensive underwater exploration that covers ranges from shallow coastline and reefs to deep, unpenetrated waters. We serve the unique needs of both commercial and scientific exploration and research across the globe. Armed with decades of experience in a number of capacities both “top side” and underwater, Robert Carmichael pulls from a varied history that includes deep, technical open ocean and cave diving, patents for three diving industry innovations, gas fill systems and services for private homes and yachts that meet the needs of often highly specialized expeditions. Combined with an unstoppable drive to push underwater exploration in the name of discovery and preservation, GlobalSubDive enters 2014 fully equipped for a multitude of adventures.


GlobalSubDive operates out of Ft.Lauderdale, FL. Situated just north of Miami and with the Gulfstream current flowing past our office, no other location can lay claim to such a vast amount of boating and diving industry related resources. This is the central hub of all things water. Whatever your expedition requires can be acquired right in our backyard.


GlobalSubDive diving support vessels are capable of ranges over 13,000 miles with access to submersibles as well as advanced technical and cave diving teams in countries all over the world. To learn more about our full complement of diving services, please visit our Resources page.


Commercial Operations
  • Twin 1000 foot depth capable two man Submersibles
  • Aircraft Logistical Support
  • Shadow Boat Support for yachts (fuel, mechanical, diving, large tenders, aircraft landing, excess crew accommodations)
  • Expeditions and remote exploration


  • Surface and underwater video and photography
  • Photomosaic imagery
  • Documentary storytelling

Training and Certification

  • Submarine pilot and technical crew training and experience building
  • Recreational and technical scuba


  • Scientific Operations
  • Survey and mapping
  • Sidescan SONAR
  • Hydrogeologic modeling
  • Water Quality Testing


robertC about global subdive About Global Subdive robertCRobert Manuel Carmichael

Founder of Brownie’s Global Logistics

This company represents his life’s adventure,which has been stimulated by a constant passion for underwater exploration and a knack for improving the functionality of mechanical devices.He learned how to build a recreational hookah system in 1980 as the first full-time employee of Brownie’s Third Lung, a job that inaugurated his love for diving. In the late 1980’s Robert began experimenting with technical mixed gas diving and was the enterprising force behind the development of what would become the Halcyon “PVR-BASC” rebreather. This rebreather helped revolutionize deep, technical diving and would lead to numerous world record cave dives. Over more than 15 yrs these and many other innovations were developed with Robert’s business partner and friend, Jarrod Jablonski, with whom he founded Halcyon Manufacturing in 1995. Robert continues to bring innovative solutions into a wide range of marine applications, building a team at Brownie’s which supports mixed gas supply and submersible support systems for yachts and expedition ships around the world.

jarrodJ about global subdive About Global Subdive jarrodJJarrod Jablonski

Co-founder and CEO of Halcyon Manufacturing Jarrod Jablonski is the founder of Extreme Exposure and the non-profit Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) as well. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished divers with numerous world record dives. Over more than twenty years Jarrod has been leading shipwreck and cave diving expeditions to some of the most remote underwater environments in the world. His longest dive thus far required 12 hours inside an underwater cave at a depth of nearly 300 feet (90m) with an additional 18 hours of decompression (nearly 30 hours underwater). Jarrod’s efforts in developing the non-profit GUE organization established a comprehensive educational system carefully designed to enhance diver safety and capacity. GUE divers play a critical role in a global set of initiatives designed to explore and conserve the aquatic world while conducting some of the most sophisticated dives ever accomplished. The GUE approach supports documentation and research within some of the world’s most difficult underwater environments.

toddK about global subdive About Global Subdive toddKDr. Todd Kincaid

Founder of GeoHydros, LLC Dr. Todd Kincaid is a long-time friend to both Robert & Jarrod. His passion for the natural environment, together with his astute capacity as a researcher helped him develop as one of the world’s foremost groundwater experts. The trio met during exploration of a series of deep caves in North Florida during the early 1990’s. The most famous of these locations is Wakulla Springs, Florida. It was in these early years at Wakulla springs that a special union was born. The three friends sought to combine their talents, using the inventive spirit of Robert, the avid explorer within Jarrod and the astute research capacity of Todd; each of their unique skills would be leveraged to explore & document aquatic environments around the world. Thus began a multi-decade  procession with each partner gathering the requisite skills & assembling the needed resources to enable their common vision. Brownie’s Global Logistics represents a critical step in this long-time vision by assembling a growing arsenal of expedition & scientific resources & directing them to targeted locations around the world.

Strategic Partners
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