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Nemo & Nomad Triton submersibles both are two person with a 1000 foot depth rating. Tandem submersibles can provide round the clock exploration results. Also available for global projects are: Antipodes a 5-person 1000 foot rated Perry class sub from OceanGate, U-boat Worx and there assortment of submersibles. We are operators of submersibles who happen to own a few, let us help guide you in your next charter or purchase.

When choosing a company for submersible experience and/or training, always make sure that all personnel is competent, certified, and appropriately experienced. Our submersible team has years of regular experience and are all appropriately trained in each position they are assigned, as per the Fundamentals of Submersible Operations and Piloting, including Triton "unit specific" factory training.



  • Blueview 2D Multibeam Sonar with Previewer
  • TrackLink 1500 Multiple Target Integrated USBL Acoustic Tracking and Communication Systems
  • Quick Battery Charge System
  • OTS Acoustic Communications
  • 28 ft. Protector RIB Surface Support Vessel with Hull Mounted Transducers Integrated Communications and Tracking with Towing Capabilities
  • YP45 Compressor and Boost Pump for Air and Oxygen
  • 12 ft. Novurania Chase Boat for Crew Transfers, Launch, and Recovery
  • HP Air and Oxygen Banks
  • 3 Person Support & Maintenance Crew

Global Sub Dive follows industry standard practices in accordance with Triton, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), and HBOI (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution) guidelines with respect to submersible activity.