Global Sub Dive is a complete exploration and marine research team built upon a group of unique assets including a DP-1 ship(s) and a matched pair of ABS certified manned submersibles. We provide a means for collaborative human exploration, documentation, and conservation of the marine world through partnerships and direct chartering of our fleet and vast complement of resources.

Global Sub Dive is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, a strategic location for training, testing of equipment, logistics, and proximity to some of the finest shallow and deep diving in the world (e.g. Florida and Bahamas). Every member of our team is passionate about the ocean and a seasoned explorer and trained professional. Our project experiences include operations in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean, as a cohesive team operating in demanding environments.

Our impressive list of assets include USA based vessels (GO America, GO Discovery, GO Freedom, GO Pursuit, and several more from our offshore partners at Guice Offshore), M/Y Amarula Sun, M/Y Marcato, Research Vessel Sharkwater, our twin 1000/2 Triton ABS classed and insured manned submersibles (Nemo & Nomad, aka Omega / Kensington during the Nekton Mission), remotely operated vehicles ROVs (Seaeye Falcon DR & Deep Trekker Revolution), SVS survey camera systems, Sonardyne ”BlueComm” through-water wireless optical communication system, surface deployed and manned submarine real-time C.T.D., Niskin sample collection systems, professional mixed-gas dive teams, and specialized tenders are readily available for hire and deployable on a global scale. Our comprehensive reach knows no limits and we have a trusted network of global partners that enable us to bring our resources to you with a commitment to excellence.

Some of our satisfied customers and partners include: Nekton Mission, Project Baseline, Miami Waterkeeper, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI), Fins Attached Marine Research and Conservation, US Department of the Navy (NAVSEA), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Ocean Crest Alliance, Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), Sky News, Associated Press (AP), Discovery Channel, Rock the Ocean, and many more.

Our goal is to control costs and deliver a complete customizable package and team from a single source to reduce integration time and increase your project’s success. To learn more about our vast array of services and resources please contact us directly.