From our submersibles to our ROVs, from our elite dive team to our support vessels, Global Sub Dive participated in the Nekton Mission I: The XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey by teaming with UK-based conservation organization, Nekton Foundation.

The multidisciplinary scientific research mission investigated the state of the deep ocean around Bermuda, Sargasso Sea and the NW Atlantic, resulting in the discovery of over 100 new species and the Rariphotic Zone (Rare Light Zone) of the ocean between 130-300m.


  1. Scientific Research: Create a new standardised framework for deep ocean research and a baseline of the state of the ocean around Bermuda and the NW Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Capacity Development: Pioneer new research adaptations for submersibles and divers and provide grants and opportunities for leadership and involvement in Mission operations across marine science, conservation and ocean management in Bermuda and the NW Atlantic.
  3. Public Engagement: Promote the research and exploration of the ocean as a gateway for public engagement and increased ocean prioritization.
  4. Education: Create and a launch a new educational programme, Submarine STEM, freely distributed and linked to global curricula to accelerate ocean literacy.
  5. Policy: Engage public and political support for improved ocean management around Bermuda, and create actionable data to accelerate sustainable ocean governance in the region.