When choosing a company for submersible experience and/or training, always make sure that all personnel is competent, certified, and appropriately experienced. Our submersible team has years of regular experience and are all appropriately trained in each position they are assigned, as per the Fundamentals of Submersible Operations and Piloting, including Triton "unit specific" factory training.

Global Sub Dive offers the first ever generic, broad-based operations and piloting training program for candidates who wish to gain the experience necessary to become a competent submersible team member. Our FSOP (Fundamentals of Submersible Operation and Piloting) aims to create a self-sufficient submersible team and to master operating as a cohesive unit.

Global Sub Dive follows industry standard practices in accordance with Triton, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), and HBOI (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution) guidelines with respect to submersible activity.

Submersible manufacturers build that submersibles and are rarely in possession of a ship capable of providing a long-term and broad-based submersible deployment and utilization event. We have access to several vessels.

Our vast array of turnkey resources provides the real world, cost-effective, and challenging educational experience required for a submersible team to become confident, competent, and truly qualified to run their own operation.