Experience the ocean in a way very few have; From the comfort of our state of the art Triton submersibles. Explore “The Tongue of the Ocean”; one of the most unique underwater landscapes in the world – located in the beautiful Berry Islands, Bahamas.

Our Bahamian charter options are based off the the private island, Chub Cay. The premier resort & marina offers luxury accommodations, a beautiful club house, elite bar and restaurant, and an infinity pool over looking sunset on the ocean. Fly your plane directly to Chub Cay’s 5000-ft runway or pull up to an exclusive slip available for vessel’s ranging from 40-160-ft. Compliment your visit with additional customized outdoor experiences in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Your stay on Chub Cay is sure to be UNFORGETTABLE.

Join our team of professionals for unparalleled viewing of the reef and descend into marine environments beyond your expectations. Our submersible dive offerings are listed below – However we are able to offer special group packages, multi day options, and exclusive rendezvous charters. Please reach out with any inquiries and to book directly with us.


Reef Quest


Experience the beauty of the vibrant upper reef and descend towards one of the largest underwater walls in the world, The Tongue of the Ocean (TOTO). Reach the depths of an advanced SCUBA diver from the comfort of a pressurized sphere with an unmatched field of view. Take a glimpse over the wall that is the entrance to the deep.

1 hour surface to surface

$1,330 per sub

Wall Traverse


Cruise over the reef and descend into the profound landscape of TOTO. Experience the remnants of the most recent ice age; A vast vertical cliff to plunging to the beach line of 16,000 years ago. The ascent provides a vantage point that truly captures the vastness of the ocean. Viewing massive rock overhangs and abundant marine life.

90 mins surface to surface
$2,750 per sub

Vertical Voyage


Explore the reef, descend over the vertical wall, and continue on the journey into the deep. A scoured slope leads you to “Boulder City” – an environment made up of massive rock gardens, in a scale that is hard to comprehend. Search for scattered wreckage of the past that has since become a thriving environment for creatures of the deep. Slowly ascend through a wide range of under sea environments and surface with a much deeper understanding of the ocean.

2 hours surface to surface.
$4,000 per sub

Deep Sea Odyssey


Experience the totality of the dives listed above and continue onwards to depths that few people have experienced first hand. Hover through dramatic landscape, navigating a deep sea ravine lined with boulders over 30m/100ft tall. Enter a realm that resembles a “lunar” environment… The feeling of being “out of this world” is something you will never forget. Ascend through the layers of TOTO ; and recognize how little has truly been explored within the water that covers most of our planet.

3 hours surface to surface
$5000 per sub


Enjoy an exclusive experience from the comfort of your own vessel.
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