Goliath Reef Ball Deployment


The Global SubDive team and Guice Offshore crew deployed 13 Goliath reef balls to create artificial reefs in Delray Beach, Florida. The GO America’s dynamic positioning system plays a crucial role in jobs such as this one, helping with the strategic placement of the structures.

No Shoes Reefs and Reefball Foundation donated 13 Goliath reefball structures to CCA Florida, and with the guidance of Palm Beach County’s we kicked off the first phase of reef development in the new 32-acre reef park known as the Delray Dredge.

The event was streamed live by No Shoes Reefs. You can watch the recorded video of the deployment.

With her 15-ton rated A-frame and a fantastic team, our 150 ft M/V GO America is uniquely equipped to execute this Goliath reefball deployment. To get the job done, the Global SubDive and Guice Offshore teams created a skid system to ease the moving of the structures through through the deck towards the stern.

Watch a short presentation on how we accomplished this fantastic task.

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