Submarine Diving With Bahamas Girl

Not too long ago we brought you the story of Sacha Kalis, aka Bahamas Girl, who came along with us for a few submarine dives, so she too could visit the reefs we have near Fort Lauderdale.

Planned dredging in order to deepen and widen the Port Everglades inlet to allow for bigger vessels are threatening the survival of these reefs. Similar dredge work was carried out in Port Miami in 2014 and it killed off vast areas of the natural coral there smothering them.

But even before this dredge work is commenced here, the waters and our reefs here made for a stark contrast to the vastly more serene scenery Sacha is accustomed to in Bahamas, where not only the water is more crystal clear, but also the marine life more abundant and diverse.

Come diving in a submarine with Sacha. Watch the video below to hear from Sacha and learn of her impression of the reefs and of diving in a submarine.

About Sacha Kalis, aka Bahamas Girl

Sacha is known as Bahamas Girl. Master photographer Elena Kalis, Sacha’s mother, captures some amazingly beautiful images of Sacha, most of them under water. You can see more by visiting

The beautiful images have a large following all over the world, and rightly so.

GlobalSubDive in a collaboration with Miami Waterkeeper and Project Baseline formed the platform for raising awareness of the impeding negative impact of the planned dredging. The dredging is to be commenced in 2017.

During a special event during which journalists and world media was welcomed, we saw visits from several advocates, including Philippe Cousteau, grandson of famous Jacques Cousteau, who gave us so many wonderful insights to the underwater realm through his movies and TV series.

You can see what Philippe Cousteau had to say in this post.

It was also in this connection that we had Sacha Kalis visiting us and we appreciate that she shared our spot of the world among her followers helping raising concern and awareness about the issues at hand.

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