Nekton Mission is Under Way

First Test Dives Successful

The Nekton mission is officially under way. Launched just the other day in Bermuda we are now three days into the mission.

GlobalSubDive’s exploration platform, the 146′ exploration vessel Baseline Explorer, is filled to the brim with equipment for the mission including of course its two invaluable Triton submarines.

Scientists, skilled exploration divers, crew and more are busy making it all happen.

Today, the submarines Nemo and Nomad were test-launched and dove into the depths to test all of the new equipment and SVS cameras. The test site was a site called Spittal.

Nekton’s mission is to use exploration and science to focus the world’s attention on the health of the deep ocean.

We know very little of what’s really underneath the surface of our oceans and yet, we do know, that the oceans are critical for the health and survival of our planet.

With this mission we are hoping to learn more about the deep ocean and also get an insight into the state of health of same. The mission is closely aligned with that of Project Baseline, the Global Underwater Explorer’s initiative, so the alignment between Nekton, GlobalSubDive, Project Baseline and Global Underwater Explorers (all participants in this endeavor) is perfect.


The test dive was successful and the submarines are now ready to begin the XL Catlin #DeepOcean Survey.

This is still early into the mission, but stay tuned for lots more updates to come and learn more about the findings from the skilled exploration divers and the scientists that will dive in the submarines.

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