Submersible Maintenance: What Sets Global Sub Dive Apart from Other Operators

Not all #submersible operations are created equal, and this is particularly true for Global Sub Dive. Our #Triton submersibles, #NEMO and #NOMAD also known as #Omega and #Kensington don’t just perform deep dives, they do it in accordance with standards and rules developed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a global leader in classification designed to rigid international standards.

Robert Carmichael, Global Sub Dive’s CEO checks

Our subs are ABS class certified (American Bureau of Shipping) “manned submersibles” and therefore require rigorous annual inspection and full disassembly, re-calibration of instrumentation, Hydrotest of cylinders, removal of coatings on metal parts, ND testing of welds, re-coating with white undercoat, black final coat (for easy detection of final coat break throutgh).

#Submersible Pilot @RandyHolt checks #NEMO’s sphere

After each mission, NEMO and NOMAD undergo a rigorous maintenance checkup to comply with all technical requirements to be ready for the next project.

From systems to subsystems, from components to maintenance of anything associated with operational procedures required for maximum (reasonable) assurance of overall safety for operations, our “girls” get a full checkup.

#NEMO’s Sphere

Our team follows a thorough checklist that includes mechanical equipment, the pressure hull, ballasts, emergency systems, propulsion, launch and recovery system (LARS), electrical, air and oxygen, acrylic sphere, communications, life support systems, gauges, and O rings, O rings, and O rings, just to name a few. The subs have countless components that must be checked, tested, and retested to ensure the submersibles are safe, reliable, and compliant.

When choosing a company for submersible experience and/or training, always make sure that all equipment is compliant and all personnel is competent, certified, and appropriately experienced. Our submersible team has years of regular experience and are all appropriately trained in each position they are assigned, as per the Fundamentals of Submersible Operations and Piloting, including Triton “unit specific” factory training.

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