Updates to the MPSV GO America

Not all service providers are created equal, and this is particularly true in the marine industry. Marine operations require effort, carefully crafted logistics, and dedicated and professional personnel to be properly effected.

Just as it is important to take care of your crew, it is equally important to maintain all equipment to ensure the safety of all onboard and the successful execution of all vessel operations.

To better support our valued clients and unique operations, Guice Offshore, our strategic partner, has successfully completed repairs, maintenance, and systems upgrades to the Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel, GO America, aka GOA. In other words, the GOA got some love and she is now fully ready to service you!

The GOA is a 150′ class DP1 vessel with incredible operational capacity. This amazing vessel offers 20+ passenger accommodations, it carries 2x Cummins KTA 38MO of propulsion power, has 330 LT deck cargo and 14,982 usg of portable water capacity, and comes equipped with Dynamic Positioning Beier Integrated Systems, 2 radars, SAT communications, and many more useful extras.

This vessel also offers unique special equipment. It has 240 – 2″ x 2″ NATO grid pattern deck monitor sockets customizable for all jobs, a Palfinger Crane, a mounted 11-ton A-frame with man-rate winch, a moon pool, and much more.


  1. Increase speed on A-frame winch. Maintained original line pull;
  2. Relocated main turning sheave box to free up center pad-eye;
  3. Removed, overhauled and replaced main A-frame winch;
  4. Upgraded existing engine control system to a modern ZF system;
  5. Upgraded the DP computers and DP software to latest version;
  6. Removed pad-eyes on transom and at side gates to prevent; interferences with client equipment and smaller vessels coming alongside;
  7. Replaced tire fenders;
  8. Load test crane and A-frame;
  9. DP Trial;
  10. Cleaned, blasted, and re-coated bottom of vessel.


  1. A-frame – replaced heel pin and bushings to prevent binding;
  2. A-frame – overhauled stbd ram;
  3. Replaced seals and overhauled stbd main engine gear box;
  4. Overhauled bow thruster unit;
  5. Replaced rudder bushings;
  6. Replaced all after-coolers on main engines;
  7. Replaced after-coolers and reset overheads on generators;
  8. Repaired various exhaust leaks from main engines;
  9. Replaced ~20 split and cracked deck boards.

The GOA is available for partnerships and direct chartering. Contact us to learn more about our fleet and vast complement of resources. We are the top collaborative human exploration, search and recovery, documentation, and conservation team for the marine world.



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