How Submarines Are Helping Scientists

Submarines present amazing solutions for many purposes not least for science and exploration purposes. Carrying out any type of work, observation or the like under water comes with a number of

Plunging Into The Ocean With Our Submarines

In preparation of our upcoming missions we have taken receipt of our new plungers. The plungers, which actually are Sediment Coring Devices and not really plungers, are used to grab samples

Global Sub Dive – Nekton Mission

Fort Lauderdale – Project Baseline, a global conservation effort that invites divers and water lovers alike to systematically document marine and freshwater environments, is delivering valuable exploration assets to a

Nekton Mission is Under Way

First Test Dives Successful The Nekton mission is officially under way. Launched just the other day in Bermuda we are now three days into the mission. GlobalSubDive’s exploration platform, the 146′ exploration

Nekton Mission I: KEY OBJECTIVES

What’s it all about? The first mission – Mission One – of the series of missions that the newly established Nekton has planned had the following four main objectives. The first objective

Changing Ocean Illiteracy

Oliver Steeds, a 40-year old father of two young children and formerly successful investigative journalist, dropped the journalist career about 5 years ago in a quest to help save the oceans. The