GO America's Load Test to Increase A-Frame Rating to 15-tons

Up until last week, the amazing MPSV / GO America's (GOA) transom mounted offshore A-Frame had a rating of 11-tons. In preparation for a job that would required the launch

Updates to the MPSV GO America

Not all service providers are created equal, and this is particularly true in the marine industry. Marine operations require effort, carefully crafted logistics, and dedicated and professional personnel to be

Join the Nekton Mission First Descent LIVE

The talented Global Sub Dive team of submersible pilots, Robert Carmichael, Randy Holt, and Shane Zigler together with the Nekton Mission First Descent crew of scientists, explorers, researchers, and

Submarine Diving With Bahamas Girl

Not too long ago we brought you the story of Sacha Kalis, aka Bahamas Girl, who came along with us for a few submarine dives, so she too could visit